What is ShinyProxy?

ShinyProxy is your favourite way to deploy Shiny apps in an enterprise context. It has built-in functionality for LDAP authentication and authorization, makes securing Shiny traffic (over TLS) a breeze and has no limits on concurrent usage of a Shiny app.

Why use it?

  • you want to seamlessly deploy Shiny apps that were developed locally using the Shiny R package
  • you need enterprise features but want to stay with open source
  • you trust Java on the server side for running your Shiny apps
  • you want to get all benefits offered by Docker-based technology

Open Source

ShinyProxy is 100% open source, released under the Apache License version 2.0 and the sources are on Github.

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Java Server Side

ShinyProxy uses time-tested and mature enterprise Java technology bundled nicely as a Spring boot web application.

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Docker-based technology

When deploying a Shiny application with ShinyProxy, the application is simply bundled as an R package and installed into a Docker image. Every time a user runs an application, a container spins up and serves the application. This has numerous advantages:

  • fully isolated ‘workspace’ per session
  • plug and play different docker images (even with different R versions or different Shiny versions)
  • control on memory and cpu usage via the Docker API
  • monitoring and debugging using standard Docker tooling

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Open Source Shiny Package

The ShinyProxy only uses functionality that is available in the open source R package and does not rely on any server version of Shiny. This allows for a clean separation between the statistical/business logic in R and the management of the applications in ShinyProxy.

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